It is now time again to begin to plan for this year's Troop 337 High Adventure Skunk Ape trip. The Skunk Ape trip has seen so many variations and sunrises over the years that it is hard to know what you will encounter on the Skunk Ape. However, you can be sure of one very true fact there will be togetherness and memories like on no other trip that we at Troop 337 can give you.

It has been said that we do the Skunk Ape for the love of the hike, for togetherness, or just to prove to yourself that you can do it.  Whatever your reason for joining the Skunk Ape Patrol you will be able to feel a strong sense of accomplishment when you put that Skunk Ape patrol patch on your shoulder.

In order to participate in a Skunk Ape Backpacking Trip, you must:
1- Have completed a prior Skunk Ape Trip, or completed the annual Skunk Ape pre-hike (called the Backpack Bootcamp)

with at least a 25-30 pound pack and proper hiking shoes or boots.
2- Received approval from the Scoutmaster and Skunk Ape Patrol Leader to participate. 

Rank does not matter, it is ability that counts.


Here are some pictures from past Skunk Ape hikes. 

The year does not matter when you are a Skunk Ape -- they're all awesome.

At Troop 337 the Skunk Ape Patrol is a very special patrol you have the opportunity to join.  Membership is earned by completing the Skunk Ape Backpacking Trip. 

What is the Skunk Ape Backpacking Trip?  It is a multi-day hike through a 30 to 50 mile section of the Florida Trail with one start point and one ending point (except for emergencies) where you carry your bed, your stove, your water, your food, and your home with you on your back for four days and three nights.  You are in the woods with the other members of the Patrol -- you may be cold or hot, you may be fighting bugs, you drink water from the ground, and you have the time of your life away from everything you do in your daily life (school, work, etc.).

‚ÄčWhat is a Skunk Ape?