Teaching 24/7

Charter Organization -  First United Methodist Church

Adult Leadership

Committee Chair - Alfredo Echeverria

Scoutmaster - Seth Robert

Asst Scoutmaster - John Clark 

Asst Scoutmaster - Ron Martin

Asst Scoutmaster - Mike Walker

Asst Scoutmaster - Jim Schede

​Asst Scoutmaster/Treasurer - Jeff Bielec

Asst Scoutmaster/Camping Chair - Steve Campbell

Achievement Chair - Margaret Walker

Church Laison - John Clark / Becky Clark

Social/Website- Ron Martin

Life to Eagle Coordinator - Kenrick Herrmann

'Music/Technical Director'  - Mike Walker

Scout Leadership - SPRING 2017

Senior Patrol Leader - Jack C.

Asst Senior Patrol Leader - Jeffrey B.

Quartermaster - Zach R.

Nuclear NarwalsPatrol Leader - Hunter M.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Michael D.

Ninja Tacos Patrol Leader- Luke W.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Dylan B.

DragonsPatrol Leader -Matty M.

        Asst Patrol Leader - Dylan M.

SharksPatrol Leader - Andy C.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Caleb H.

Bacon BrothersPatrol Leader - Rocco L.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Gabe M.

'No Name'Patrol Leader - Joey M.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Scott F.

Librarian - Lucas B.

Historians - Sean D. | Dylan M.

Scribe - Logan W.

Instructor - Zach R.

Troop Guide - Lorenzo E.

Chaplains Aide - Leo W.

OA Representative - Leo W.

Buglers - Kevin  S.



Ass't Scoutmaster Schede

Ass't Scoutmaster Campbell

Ass't Scoutmaster Beliec

Adult leadership is the lifeblood of any troop, as it is with Troop 337. We are indeed fortunate to have a fantastic group of leaders and parent volunteers at Troop 337, but there's always room for more. Not all have to wear a uniform, so if you would like to volunteer to help provide the best program possible and be more involved in your son's Scouting experience, you are welcome to join our team.

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Ass't Scoutmaster Walker

Scoutmasters at work

Scoutmaster Robert 

Committee Chair Echeverria

Ass't Scoutmaster Clark

Ass't Scoutmaster Martin