Committee Chair Echeverria

Ass't Scoutmaster Beliec

Adult leadership is the lifeblood of any troop, as it is with Troop 337. We are indeed fortunate to have a fantastic group of leaders and parent volunteers at Troop 337, but there's always room for more. Not all have to wear a uniform, so if you would like to volunteer to help provide the best program possible and be more involved in your son's Scouting experience, you are welcome to join our team.

​​​​​​​​​​Charter Organization -  First United Methodist Church

Adult Leadership

Committee Chair - Alfredo Echeverria

Scoutmaster - Seth Robert

Asst Scoutmaster - John Clark 

Asst Scoutmaster - Jim Schede

Asst Scoutmaster - Mike Walker

​​Asst Scoutmaster/Treasurer - Jeff Bielec

Asst Scoutmaster/Camping Chair - Steve Campbell

Asst Scoutmaster -  Zachary Robert

Achievement Chair - Margaret Walker

Church Laison - John Clark / Becky Clark

Committee Member - Jason Nadolinski

Committee Member - Angela Nichols

Social/Website- Ron Martin

Life to Eagle Coordinator - John Clark 

'Music/Technical Director'  - Mike Walker 

Skunk Ape Patrol Coordinator -  Ron Martin 

Scuba Patrol Coordinator -  Suzan Ekmekci

Scout Leadership - FALL 2021

Senior Patrol Leader - Joseph C.

Asst Senior Patrol Leader - Jared N.

Quartermaster - Mark R.

Fancy Fish  Patrol Leader - Andy C.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Jeffrey B.

Deadly Cupcakes  Patrol Leader - Preston B.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Ricky V.

Gruesome Gators  Patrol Leader - Jacob W.

     Asst Patrol Leader - Luc B.

Librarian - Mark R.

Historian - Luc B.

Scribe - TBD

Troop Guide - Devon O.

Chaplains Aide - Logan W.

OA Representative -  Jared N.

​Den Chief - TBD




Ass't Scoutmaster Schede

Ass't Scoutmaster Campbell

Ass't Scoutmaster Clark

Scoutmasters at work

Scoutmaster Robert 

Ass't Scoutmaster Walker

Teaching 24/7