The USS Yorktown is dry-docked at Patriot Point NC.  The Boy Scouts spend the weekend aboard the ship just like the sailors did when the ship was in commission.  We slept in their beds, ate in their galley, and use of the entire ship. Due to the ship being locked down with no way off at night it becomes a large game of manhunt for the Scouts on most nights.

Awesome [but cold] day at Patriot’s Point aboard the Yorktown (carrier), Laffey (destroyer), and Clamagore (sub).

Example of a typical day: A GREAT full day at Patriot’s Point! Explored the entire USS Yorktown carrier, experienced virtual reality space, manned a turret on the USS Laffey, toured the submarine USS Clamagore and checked out a Vietnam forward support base. We even had time for a PLC in the Officer’s Mess below decks. After a tasty BBQ dinner, we watched two movies in the warm theater, ‘Valient’ and ‘Midway.’ A very full day for sure. Whew!

Naval Aviation Museum Map

Troop 337 reporting for duty at the USS Yorktown at Patriot Point NC.

This is a taste of just three of our past Super Trips at Troop 337!

Get ready for the tallest and longest activity ever by Troop 337 in the Ocala National Forest!

Why is the place so special?  Zip Lining is all about gravity and elevations! Since Florida is mostly flat, other zip lines may require quite a lot of stair climbing to begin their course, and throughout their course, in order for participants to gain elevation. Comparatively, The Canyons had very little stair climbing and we zip from tree to tree and tree to cliff, etc. Because of its natural elevations, The Canyons claim to have the longest, highest and fastest zips than any other in the state!
THE ZIP COURSE: This course includes 9 zip line flights over 130' long and some individual zips as long 1,100 over an old rock quarry; 2 sky bridges, and a unique ending to the experience with a rappel from the last platform.
The Camping:  We camped for two nights at the crisp and clean Juniper Springs Campground. Home of the clearest swimming hole in the forest.

The troop traveled to Canyons Zip Park in Ocala for a weekend of air and water fun!

The Troop traveled to Fort Pickens for a weekend of new activities!

At Troop 337 we try to expand the experiences that a Boy Scout has while in Scouting with a new event or trip at least once a month (during the school year). These can be camping trips, shows, boating, or even scuba trips. At Troop 337 we feel it is important that Scouting is in the wild and not just at a meeting. 

Fort Pickens was designed and constructed to defend Pensacola Bay and the Pensacola Navy Yard and Depot from foreign attack. The Fort stood with its sister forts throughout the country safeguarding the democratic institutions of the young republic, and today it is an enduring symbol of the United States.

The Fort Pickens group campground is private to each group with flush bathrooms and situated on Santa Rosa Island, a part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore south of Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, Florida.

First Day :
The National Naval Aviation Museum is located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, and is the world's largest Naval Aviation museum. These historic and one-of-a-kind aircraft are displayed both inside the Museum's nearly 350,000 square feet of exhibit space and outside on its 37-acre grounds.
Pensacola Lighthouse - We had a private tour of the Lighthouse and facility prior to scout free time to explore the grounds.
Second Day:
After breakfast, we explored the Fort itself at the peninsula end.
Due to the size of the naval museum, the Scouts spent another half day (with a Scout buddy) to try some of the many activities we did not have time to complete the day before.