9th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

November 2017

 59th Scoutmasters Camporee 

 February 2018

Shark Valley Bike Ride  | April 21, 2018

Scout Skills Relay

October 2017

Scouts in 2017! 

Everglades District  

K1 Karting Championship!

October 2017

Kickoff Pool Party

August 2017

 Oklawaha Canoe Trip

 April 2018

 Troop 337  

 Skunk Ape Patrol /  

35 Mile Backpacking Trip 

 December 2017

Rapids Water Park, Coastal Cleanup and Juniper Springs cancelled due to Hurricane Irma 

 Zipline & Horseback Adventure

 March 2018

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On Saturday, April 21st, 5 intrepid scouts, a 1st Class, four Life scouts on the cusp of making Eagle and two Assistant Scoutmasters headed to Everglades National Park for the 15 mile bike ride at Shark Valley.  With the bikes ready and everyone armed with water,  snacks and cameras, the group took off on the ride doing the reverse of the 'standard' route. Right off the bat there were several alligators just off the trail in the small puddles of water, keeping cool.

There were also egrets, crows and blue herons - and with so much to see, the pace was nice and slow with the

group talking and enjoying the views.

Halfway down the trail, the group stopped at the big observation tower to enjoy some snacks on the benches and enjoy a quick rest.  After, it was a walk up to the tower to get a birds-eye view of the park. Once rested and re-energized, the final 7 miles awaited. There were many more gators on the way- with lots of babies! Things got exciting at one point when an 8-10 foot gator came sauntering across the trail, stopping about 6 feet from Jack (video on Troop Facebook page).  Mr. Clark had to discourage Hunter from trying to wrestle it and from Jack trying to feel the gator's head, teeth and tongue!  While pointing out the many reasons not to attempt these, the gator got tired and headed across the trail back into the canal.  Leo, Michael and Andy were smart enough to kept their distance while the gator stopped.  
Once the ride reached the end and they had loaded up, the group stopped by McDonalds for a hearty lunch (surprise 'Wildcard'). Everyone had fun - and it's always a great ride when you see some old Florida and nature.

for most Eagle  

Orienteering Meeting

September 2017

Troop 337

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Scout Advancement Weekend 

November 2017

 Spring OA Ordeal

 March 2018

​​​​​​Just some of the stuff we've done in the 2017 - 2018 Scouting year.

 Backpack Bootcamp  December 2017

'Gear Prep' Saturday

October 2017

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 Patriots Point/USS Yorktown Charleston, SC

 January 2018