American Business -TBD
American Culture - TBD
American Heritage - TBD
Astronomy- TBD

Automotive Maintenance - Stephen Campbell
Backpacking- John Clark, Jim Schede
Bugling- Jim Schede
*Camping- Stephen Campbell
Canoeing -  Jim Schede

*Citizenship in the Community- Seth Robert, John Clark
*Citizenship in the Nation-  Seth Robert 
*Citizenship in the World-  Seth Robert & John Clark
Collecting- Jim Schede
*Communications- Seth Robert
Computers- Alfredo Echeverria
*Cooking- Stephen Campbell
Crime Prevention- TBD
*Cycling- John Clark & Jim Schede
Dog Care-  Alfredo Echeverria
*Emergency Prep-  Jim Schede
Entrepreneurship- TBD
*Environmental Science- TBD
*Family Life- John Clark & Jim Schede
Fingerprinting- TBD
*First Aid- TBD
Fishing- Seth Robert, Jim Schede
Fly Fishing- Seth Robert
Gardening- TBD
Genealogy- John Clark
Golf- John Clark
Graphic Arts- Ron Martin
*Hiking- Ron Martin, Jim Schede
Insect Study- TBD
Law- Seth Robert
*Lifesaving - Sean Meadows, John Clark 
Motor Boating-  TBD
Music- Mike Walker

Orienteering - Jeff Bielec
*Personal Fitness- Jim Schede, Alfredo Echeverra
*Personal Management - Sarah Martin
Pet Care- TBD
Photography- TBD
Plant Science-Mike Walker
Physical Fitness- TBD
Pioneering- Jim Schede
Plumbing- Jim Schede
Programming & Digital Technology- Alfredo Echeverria
Public Health- Robert Weiner
Public Speaking- Seth Robert
Reading- TBD
Reptiles & Amphibian Study- TBD
Rifle Shooting- TBD
Rowing- Alfredo Echeverria
Salesmanship- TBD
Safety- TBD
Scouting Heritage- TBD
Scuba Diving- Sean Meadows
Shotgun Shooting- TBD
Small Boat Sailing- TBD
Soil & Water Conservation- Mike Walker
*Sustainability - TBD
*Swimming- Sean Meadows 
Traffic Safety- TBD
Whitewater Rafting- TBD
Wilderness Survival-  Jim Schede

Troop 337 is fortunate to have an extensive list of Troop Merit Badge Counselors.   Below are each of the merit badges and the leaders/parents that have volunteered to serve as that badge's counselor.  Remember, you must first get approval from the counselor, BEFORE starting work on any merit badge. 

*BOLD - Eagle Required Merit Badge

 Merit Badge Counselors  |   2021 - 22