​​​​​​​Just some of the stuff we've done in the 2018 - 2019 Scouting year (so far)!

The 2018 Endless Spaghetti Night is in the books - and what a great night it was! On Saturday, November 10th, the Troop 337 trattoria, with its amazing wait staff, servers and chefs served up platefuls of endless spaghetti, salad and garlic bread to hundreds of enthusiastic guests. THANK YOU to all the scouts and amazing parents that worked so hard and all the great families and friends that attended and supported the troop for this annual event!

Troop 337

Camping Gear Prep  

September 2018

Juniper Springs Run

October 2018

K1 Speed Go Karting   

September 2018

Kickoff Pool Party

August 2018

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2018 Int'l Coastal Cleanup 

September 2018

Patrol Dutch Cook-off

August 2018