'Gear Prep' Saturday

October 2017

Scout Advancement Weekend 

November 2017

 Spring OA Ordeal

 March 2018

What a fantastic, fun year! Our Scouts have returned from our two Summer Camps at Woodruff  and Tanah Keeta, so take a minute to enjoy all the adventures and good times the young men of Troop 337 had during this past year. Click the link below to enjoy the video.

Troop 337  |  2017-2018 Year-in-Review 

 Shark Valley Bike Trip

 April 2018

 Skunk Ape Patrol /  

35 Mile Backpacking Trip 

 December 2017

9th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

November 2017

Scout Skills Relay

October 2017

Orienteering Meeting

September 2017

 Eagle Scout Court of Honor

 May 2018

 Oklawaha Canoe Trip

 April 2018

Rapids Water Park, Coastal Cleanup and Juniper Springs cancelled due to Hurricane Irma 

 Patriots Point/USS Yorktown Charleston, SC

 January 2018

 Backpack Bootcamp  December 2017

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​​​​​​Just some of the stuff we've done in the 2017 - 2018 Scouting year.

 59th Scoutmasters Camporee 

 February 2018

Troop 337

K1 Karting Championship!

October 2017

Kickoff Pool Party

August 2017

 Zipline & Horseback Adventure

 March 2018

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