American Business - Sarah Martin
American Culture - Robert Weiner
American Heritage - Ron Martin
Astronomy- Wendy Crumbaugh
Backpacking- John Clark, Jim Schede
Bird Study- Wendy Crumbaugh
Bugling- Jim Schede
*Camping- Ron Martin
Canoeing - Ron Martin, Jim Schede, John Crumbaugh
*Citizenship in the Community- Seth Robert, John Clark
*Citizenship in the Nation-  Seth Robert & Kenrick Herrmann
*Citizenship in the World-  Seth Robert & John Clark
Collecting- Jim Schede
*Communications- Ron Martin
Computers- Alfredo Echeverria
*Cooking- Krik Pattoukian, Kenrick Herrmann
Crime Prevention- Robert Weiner
*Cycling- John Clark & Jim Schede
Dog Care- Kenrick Herrmann, Alfredo Echeverria
*Emergency Prep-  Jim Schede
Entrepreneurship- Ron Martin
*Environmental Science- Wendy Crumbaugh
*Family Life- John Clark & Jim Schede
Fingerprinting- Robert Weiner
*First Aid- Ron Martin, Krik Pattoukian
Fishing- Seth Robert, Jim Schede
Fly Fishing- Seth Robert
Gardening- Wendy Crumbaugh
Genealogy- John Clark, Wendy Crumbaugh
Golf- John Clark, Kenrick Herrmann
Graphic Arts- John Crumbaugh
*Hiking- Ron Martin, Jim Schede
Insect Study- Kenrick Herrmann
Law- Seth Robert
*Lifesaving- Sean Meadows, John Clark & Ron Martin
Motor Boating-  Ron Martin
Music- Mike Walker

Orienteering - John Crumbaugh
Paper & Pulp- John Crumbaugh
*Personal Fitness- Jim Schede
*Personal Management -Jim Schede, Sarah Martin
Pet Care- Kenrick Herrmann
Photography- John Crumbaugh
Plant Science-Mike Walker
Physical Fitness- Kenrick Herrmann
Pioneering- Kenrick Herrmann, Jim Schede
Plumbing- Jim Schede
Programming & Digital Technology- Alfredo Echeverria
Public Health- Robert Weiner
Public Speaking- Seth Robert, John Crumbaugh
Reading- Robert Weiner
Reptiles & Amphibian Study- Kenrick Herrmann
Rifle Shooting- Robert Weiner, Ron Martin
Rowing- Alfredo Echeverria
Salesmanship- Kenrick Herrmann, Ron Martin
Safety- Robert Weiner
Scouting Heritage- Kenrick Herrmann
Scuba Diving- Sean Meadows
Shotgun Shooting- Robert Weiner
Small Boat Sailing- Ron Martin
Soil & Water Conservation- Mike Walker
*Sustainability - Wendy Crumbaugh
*Swimming- Sean Meadows & Ron Martin
Traffic Safety- Robert Weiner
Whitewater Rafting- Robert Weiner & Ron Martin
Wilderness Survival- Robert Weiner & Jim Schede

*BOLD - Eagle Required Merit Badge

 Merit Badge Counselors  |   2017

Troop 337 is fortunate to have an extensive list of Troop Merit Badge Counselors.   Below are each of the merit badges and the leaders and parents that have volunteered to serve as that badge's counselor .  Remember, you must first get approval from the counselor, BEFORE starting work on a merit badge. 

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